Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

For all those who are huge dorks! ... I mean, what?

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Here's for all the people who want a place to put up all their Lord Of the Rings fanfiction, but are too lazy to go looking for a community with a meaningful name.

And So I present to you, LotRFic. Enjoy!

Warning: While this community is not exclusive to either het or slash, much of the stuff will be slash. If you don't know what this is and wanna check it out, great! But if you flip out, well, I warned you, damnit! And if you know what this is, and don't like it, move along, move along... If you know what this is, and are now jumping up and down with glee, Welcome to Rivendell, Mister Baggins. ... I mean, come on in, and welcome. ^^

Um, ok. Pesky little rules.

-#1-- Please put you fics behind an lj-cut. (That is a link to the FAQ, if you don't know how to do an lj-cut. See! I am helpful!)

-#2-- Um, ok, I do this with all my communities, please put a header before the lj-cut. It's useful. :D

Pairing (if applicable):

-#3-- Please, please don't flame people. It's just not nice. If you want to squeal at them or give them constructive criticism, that's great. If you don't like a fic, don't comment, damint! Jeez.

-#4-- If you pimp other communities here, you have to pimp this community elsewhere. That's the deal. Trade off like. I don't mind really, but I'd prefer if you didn't. So if you must, pimp this one too.

-#5-- There was a number five? Um... No, I don't thin so.. Um... Write? ^^;;

Oh, and one more thing. The moderator here is me, cerulean_sky. :D

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